Boots Attack Digital Camo

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Summer collection of army style boots with irreplacable Double stripes and embroidered DOUBLE RED logo. They attract with contrastive sole in sand colour. Manufactured from high quality breathable synthetic textile. Massive anti-slip PU sole with high wrapping and vents on the side bring high comfort for casual wearin and driving. The boots come with...

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NEW! Camo Digital design now on these new sneakers. Enjoy comfort in these newfangled shoes.Minimalistic design - enjoy the new DOUBLE RED DR camo blue digi sneakers.

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Modern camo pattern from new collection in combination with retro red details, compact together. Boots are manufactured from light synthetic textile. Sole is manufactured from high quality PU, is anti-slip and flexible, which brings high comfort for driving. The boots are light and, for perfect comfort, improved with reinforced heel and front. Red DOUBLE...

399 lei 309 lei

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399 lei 309 lei

NEW! For the first time in the jeans color. Low lace unisex shoes Boots Red Desert Red Jeans are stylish and comfortable, suitable for everyday wear. Manufactured from high quality and breathable materials. The anti-slip PU sole is oil-resistant and provides high comfort for casual wearing and driving. Strong tongue repels dust and other dirt from...